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Fast Women
Our Featured Sport Car Drivers

Cindi Lux
American Le Mans Series Driver

Growing up in Yakima, WA, Cindi Lux couldn't avoid being influenced by the dinnertime chat when it turned to race cars. After all, Grandfather Carl Hahn participated in the famed Pan American Road Race in 1953. Cindi's father, Dick Hahn, gained success as a car owner and driver through the west. Cindi's brothers, went on to successfully compete in both drag racing and road racing. So naturally, it was only a matter of time until she, too, would catch the bug....

Belinda Endress
ALMS and GT1 Driver

Belinda Endress, a California model, former movie stunt person and professional wrestler, loves auto racing. "I always had the knack and the will to drive fast. I always knew I wanted to drive professionally but I never knew I'd be good at it," she said....

Caroline Wright
SCCA National T1 Ferrari 355 Driver

Caroline Wright, a major market radio-broadcasting veteran, began road racing in 1992. Her rookie season, she won SCCA Regional Championships in GT2 and Showroom Stock B. She was the 1996 Southwest Division Champion in Showroom Stock B and the 1998 and 1999 Southwest Division Champion in T2. Also in 1999, she charged to a medal finish at the Valvoline Runoff’s ...

Lauren J. Fix

Lauren Fix was born into an automotive family in the auto capital of the world, got her driver's license the day she turned sixteen, and began her racing career the very next Summer....

Amy Ruman
SCCA Pro Spec Racer Driver

Amy Ruman has been invited to join the inaugural season of the Women's Global GT Series. In January, Amy was on the only all female team to compete in the 24 Hours of Moroso, in a Spec Racer Ford. In addition to her own racing career, Amy and her sister Niki are the co-managers of their father's SCCA Trans-Am Series racing team...

Niki Ruman
SCCA SRF and SRF Pro Driver

Niki grew up surrounded by racing, watching her mom and dad autocross race-prepared Corvettes. So it was natural for her to take to the sport. She currently campaigns in the SCCA Pro Spec Racer Series. In addition to her own racing career, Niki and her sister Amy are the co-managers of their father's SCCA Trans-Am Series racing team...

Audrey Zavodsky
Panoz Race Series Driver

Audrey Zavodsky, Ph.D., begins her 3rd season of racing under the Visteon banner. This year will be her 5th year of racing competition. Audrey has a list of successes in racing that include the inaugural win in the Women's Global GT series and 2 out of 3 first place finishes in the last 3 years in the SCCA's area 4 Central Division.....

Terri Popielarz (nee Hundertmark)
Sports Car Driver

Terri has been racing cars competitively for three years. Prior to four-wheel racing, Terri was an internationally ranked Jet Ski Racer where she competed on the Pro Runabout Tour for seven years......

Kathy Lyle
SCCA T2 National Driver

Kathy attended her first BMW Driving School in 1982 and was immediately hooked on high performance driving. She lacked both the money and self-confidence to "go racing" until 1992....

Karen Salvaggio
Panoz Racing Series Driver

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, Karen's childhood days were far removed from virtually any form of auto racing. Karen remembers being "glued" to the television on Saturdays, as racing legends etched into her mind a vision of driving the legendary super speedways. Since that time and for as long as she can remember, racing has been a driving force in her life......

Jill Peeters
SCCA GT-1 National Driver

As the only female SCCA National Central Division GT-1 driver, Jill Peeters brings a certain initial attention to her team. But people continue to watch Jill for her skills, commitment, and passion for driving.....

Karen Kraus
SCCA Solo II, NASA autocross, SCCA RoadRally Driver

Karen Kraus' SCCA autocrossing career began slowly. Her first event as a driver, in her boyfriend's ESP-classed Mustang LX 5.0, saw her finish dead last not only in class, but behind everyone else in every other class too. This was not a good start...

Lorraine Clark
British MGOC Class A
Lorraine Clark, 36, comes from London, England and has been racing for just 5 years. This year she gained awards for 4th in the MGOC Class A, and top lady racing driver of BWRDC (British Women’s Racing Drivers Club). These awards and her unending determination drive her forward, with ambitions for a first win this year.....
Jennifer Tumminelli
ALMS and Grand Am Driver

As a child, Jennifer Tumminelli would watch Formula One racing on television and then sit in her dad's Porsche and pretend she was racing. Jennifer is now a professional race car driver competing in the Pro Formula Mazda Series and SCCA Porsche GT 2....
Lea Croteau
SCCA National Driver

Not many girls say their favorite toys were matchbox cars, and not many girls decorate their rooms with posters taken out of Road and Track. Lea Croteau was the exception. Lea is now racing in the Neon Challenge Series and the SCCA Nationals...
Jean Kinser Dana
SCCA Club Racing, Solo II, and Pro Solo Driver
Jean has dedicated her life to helping others learn the art of car control. She is licensed by the National Safety Council for Defensive Driving and the State of Georgia for Driver's Education. She currently tours the United States training autocross drivers the ins and outs of that unique motorsport as a co-founder and lead driving instructor for the McKamey Driving School....

Lisa Devlin

Dr. Lisa Devlin always thought racing and driving on a real race track was for an elite few with highly prepared cars. It was when she joined the Pantera and Shelby Car Clubs that she found out it was not. Lisa was 25 when she took her first track excursion at Laguna Seca in August 1989 and was immediately hooked...

Ruth Wolf
SCCA National Driver

Ruth Wolf is an artist and her first rule for being an artist is: don't give up the day job. It was this rule that got her into racing and the car business...

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