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volume VIII, number 10--october 2001

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Special Editor's Statement

Safety and What's Important
Editor's Notebook
by T.W. Theodore

Now might be a good time to step back, take a breath, look around, and decide what is important. Weíve all had a jolt to our comfortable sense of homeland security. Whether you are American, Canadian, British, Australian, or are reading this from some other national perspective, you probably are thinking and feeling a bit differently from how you thought and felt at the beginning of September.

Iíve certainly been jolted. The jolt has caused me to consider once more some basic questions. Iím going to ramble a bit here and hope you ramble along with me. We won't reach many conclusions, but the journey may lead us to interesting new pathways.

Iíve written in these pages, over the past six years, of the ever-changing landscape of Thunder Valley, that quiet little tree shaded glen in Wisconsin, USA, with the ribbon of asphalt running through it. Iíve written, and some of you have read, of winter turning to spring, of the quiet foraging of deer being replaced by the roar of internal combustion engines, and of the return to solitude as the race cars disappear beyond the Billy Mitchell bridge or as the summer turns to fall and, inevitably, to winter once more.

That roar, that knife-edge of passion, is a fleeting thing. The racing season is too short. The time between races is too long. The seat time on the track is never enough and the waiting around the paddock always seems interminable.

Is racing a metaphor for life? Is life a poor substitute for racing? Am I just completely full of hot air? Perhaps, perhaps, and, perhaps.

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Safety and What's Important


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