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Fast Women
Our Featured Stock Car Drivers

Sunny Hobbs
NASCAR Winston Series Driver

Sunny Hobbs is a professional female racecar driver competing in two very different racing divisions in 1999. Her first challenge is NASCAR's Winston Racing Series, in a Late Model Stock Car. Sunny is also competing in the Women's Global GT Series, which features the fastest women drivers from around the world ..
Marybeth Harrison
SCCA Trans-Am Driver

Marybeth says that "discovering racing was for me, like finding God; one of those spiritual experiences that stays with you for life - a sudden understanding that THIS was what you'd lived your whole life for!"...

Teri MacDonald-Cadieux
ASA AC Delco Series Driver

During the 2000 racing season, Teri competed in selected ASA AC Delco series races. She was only the sixth female to ever take the green flag in ASA’s 32-year history. Teri plans to compete for the "Rookie of the year" award in 2001. Her brother Randy won this award in 1993....

Karen Schulz
USAR Hooters Pro Cup Driver

On a summer afternoon in 1976, Karen Schulz attended an event that would inspire her to pursue a dream, her first NASCAR race. Karen was determined that one day she would compete in such an event...
Jennifer Jo Cobb
NASCAR Racing Series Driver

Jennifer Jo Cobb began racing at Lakeside Speedway in 1991 in the Pony Stock division at the age of 18. She advanced to the Sportsman Late Model ranks in 1996 and now powers her Ford Thunderbird around the high banks of I-70 Speedway in Odessa, Missouri competing in the NASCAR Racing Series. ..
Laurel Viera
NASCAR Sportsmans Division Driver

Laurel Viera's earliest memories of racing are of standing by her stepfather's racecar and holding his helmet. Her summers during elementary school were spent at the track including a stint as a trophy girl on her 12th birthday. Her first opportunity to drive didn't come until 1992 when she met someone who helped her get into dirt track endurance races at county fairs with 100 or so cars running 150 laps...

Julie Sylva
Mini-Mod Driver

Julie Sylva has been around racing her entire life, following in the tire tracks of her grandfather, uncle, and father. When she expressed an interest in racing, Julie's grandfather "got a deal" on a NCI-4 mini mod that he could not pass up. Everyone expected her to run a race or two and decide it was not for her; she was only 15. Julie changed their minds on her fourth night out....

April May Gelineau
Mini-Stock Driver

Racing has been a part of April May's life since she was a child living. During the Summer months, every Thursday night you would find her and her family at the races at Thunder Road. She would sit through all kinds of weather ...

Lois Pollard-Grant
Canadian Western Speedway Stock Car Driver

There's a reason for the number of Lois Pollard-Grant's stock car. "My dad had 99 and my brother had 98, so I took 97." Lois' father and brother were one of the most successful father-and-son racing combinations in the annals of stock car racing in British Columbia. So it's not surprising that Lois has found success at the race track....
Allison Duncan
Late Model Stock Car Driver

"I must start by stating that I owe my whole racing career to my father. At the tender age of 10 my father took me to the first NASCAR Winston Cup race ever held at Sears Point Raceway in Sonoma, California. From the minute the first car rolled out onto the track I was hooked! The speed, the adrenaline, the excitement, it was just awesome!! Since that time, I’ve known that racing is my life’s passion." ...

Tina Gordon
ASA Driver

Tina Gordon began her racing career in powder puff events, driving her husband's dirt track car in Alabama. This was in 1995 and when Tina won all five of the powder puff races she entered, she was hooked! No more powder puff for her...

Suzi Blume
Dirt Track Stock Car Driver

Suzi has done mud drag racing, sand drag racing, demolition derbies, figure 8 racing (It is what it sounds like it is!) and stock car oval racing. She has driven in about 20 powder puff events but, when she gets the chance, races in fields made up of male drivers. This 37 year old secretary ...

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