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-- Drivers Only! --
Here's a place for you to get away, relax, share tall tales, and help one another.

We've built this Drivers' Trailer as a special place for women drivers and members of their teams. If you race or help out with a race team, sponsor a woman driver or are in some other way involved with the sport, come on in and get away from the crowd!

You can help determine what goes on here in the Trailer. We'll do whatever we can to make this a place that is meaningful and important to you.

Join the Drivers' Group and exchange email messages with other women drivers about your racing experiences.

We've set up a Chat Room that is available just for you. Stop by on Monday evening or set up a time for your friends to join you in this chat room to hash out issues, solve problems, make plans, or form partnerships.

Check the Discussion Forum for information, the answers to questions, the challenges and successes of other drivers, and general gossip.

If you are a Featured Driver, you can add your Press Releases to our Press Box. You can email them to:

If you'd like to be featured on the Thunder Valley Racing web site, fill in this form:  Featured Driver Application Form . We'd love to hear about your racing.

Take a look at the Thunder Valley Sponsorship Program. You may find it interesting and helpful to your career.

Also, we'll publish articles in the Trailer from time to time that you may find of interest. For instance, we've posted here the entire Tech Series of articles by Ruth Wolf, race car driver and racing mechanic.

If you'd like help writing press releases, you might take a look at the Press Release Seminar. You'll find tips on what to do and what to avoid.

If you can think of other things you'd like to see in the Trailer, let us know.