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The Thunder Valley Racing Conversation Area
Your 24 hour setting to talk with other women involved with racing

Invite your friends to join you in this private chat room. The room is provided by, but is not listed on their service and is just for us. You can set up a specific time to meet with friends or racing competitors or you can invite everyone in the Drivers' Group, the Discussion Forum, or on your own email list to join you at a specific time for a discussion of a topic that you'd like to explore.

We're all getting together on Monday evenings at around 9:00pm ET (U.S.) for a debriefing of the previous weekend's racing. Join us to share your racing experiences and listen to the tall tales of other women drivers.

You can enter the room without registering, but if you want to reserve a name for your permanent and exclusive use, you'll have to register with, the provider of the chat room. It's free and easy, just like the conversation.

This is a new chat room we're trying out. Let me know if you like it better. You'll be hit with a little advertising (more if you register), but its a much more functional room. If you have suggestions or problems, please email us at

Stop by often!

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