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A Vision for Thunder Valley Racing

Thunder Valley Racing is an automobile racing management and marketing company created to develop women race car drivers. We believe there is an untapped market and innovative marketing strategies that are available to sponsors who support women race car drivers. We intend to take the lead in bringing those sponsors to skilled women drivers.

Thunder Valley Racing and this web site celebrate, support, and promote women race car drivers working at all levels of the sport. Our Drivers of the Month range from women racing at local dirt tracks to professional drivers with aspirations to move ever higher in stock car, open wheel, sports car, and exotic forms of the sport. Our Drivers Seeking Sponsorship are among the finest driving talent in the field.

If women raced Zambonies or lawnmowers competitively, we'd feature them as well.

We have a vision of Thunder Valley Racing as the recognized point of entry for women race car drivers into the mainstream ranks of nationally and internationally known drivers. Our multi-faceted promotional program maximizes the intrinsic marketing advantages of women drivers.

We welcome your involvement with us. Your thoughts, your ideas, your talents can all be put to good use in making the vision of Thunder Valley Racing a reality.

Please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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