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The thunder Valley Racing Website has evolved from its early format in 1996.
You can take a look at the three major versions of the site.

I've added comments in red where I thought they would be helpful.

First Format:
This was a very rudimentary site created in May 1996 and lasting through January 1997. The site is replicated here in its entirety.


Second Format:

This format saw the Thunder Valley Racing web site looking like a virtual race track, with a paddock, press room, etc. It functioned until May of 2002. I've replicated a bit of each element of the site here.


Third Format:
This is the last format that I worked on, from May 2002 until I stopped working on it in late 2007. Again, I've replicated just a bit of each element of the site so you can get a sense of what it was like.