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This is the last version of the Thunder Valley Racing web site that I worked on.
The external links have been deactivated.
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Women in Motorsport


Top Story
Clothes Make
The Racer
By Laurel Viera

Fire is not only the most dangerous hazard to a racer but one of the simplest to protect herself from. Protecting yourself from fire requires knowledge... More

Race Report
Learning Mid-Ohio:
SCCA Nationals
Jill Peeters

By Jill Peeters

I decided to finally run Mid-Ohio. If I was ever lucky enough to come out of the SCCA Central Division with enough points to make it to the Runoffs, I’d better have hit the track at least once...

Featured Racer
Leilani Munter, NASCAR
Weekly Racing Series
Leilani Munter
By Karen Salvaggio

Auto racing was not part of her childhood. While earning a bachelor's degree in biology from the University of California in San Diego, Leilani Munter became fascinated with motorsports... More

Editor's Notebook
Our Glorious Community

By T.W. Theodore

(Thunder Valley) In a distant land, at 5:30pm on a sunny Thursday afternoon, I saw my people advancing toward me in an endless column. I was standing on a vast sheet of deserted asphalt, in the middle of a quiet, lifeless, race track...

T.W. Theodore

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