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Editor's Notebook

June 1996, How we Began

July 1996, the June Sprints

August 1996, the Toronto IndyCar Weekend

September 1996, Racing Isn't Fair

October 1996, the Silly Season

November 1996, New Friends

December 1996, the Family Sport

January 1997, the New Racing Year

Articles by Women Drivers

Entries from Lisa Devlin's Racing Diary about her experience at:

SCCA's Driver's School

First Race Weekend

Race Weekend at Sears Point

Mini-Nats at Sears Point

Hillclimb at Virginia City

Entries from Jennifer Tumminelli's Racing Diary about her experience at:

First Formula Mazda Race

An article by Alison Hine about:

Computer Racing Simulations

Miscellaneous Stuff

Excerpts from many of the Comments we've received

Info about the 1996 Lyn St. James Driver Development Program (held in November)

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