Editor's Notebooks, a Few More That You Might Like

Here are a bunch of columns that I sort of like and that I hope you will as well.

The Gift of Racing
ode to the joy of being involved in racing

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
introduction of the new Thunder Valley graphics

What's It All About?
your Thunder Valley and mine

Impressions of the WGGT
pride and disappointment

A Sixties Kind of Guy
reflections on winter and what 'firsts' are still possible

It's All in Your Head
Thunder Valley is an idea more than a place

Thunder Valley Proud
we are in the vision business

Objections to Sponsoring a Woman Driver
special obstacles to be overcome

Little Celebrations
a confluence of small successes

Gone Racin'
dreaming of chucking it all

Those 'Different' Drivers
two approaches for non white male drivers

The Fall Classic
I don't understand baseball

women race car drivers can influence women consumers and sell product!!

Just Another Televised Weekend
women drivers are becoming commonly accepted

The Rumble and the Whine
NASCAR Trucks and IndyCars at Fontana

Robby Gordon: the Last Gender Jerk in Motor Racing
Is Danica good or just light?