Viera Helms TVR!!

Editor's Notebook, November 2003



T.W. Theodore

Laurel Viera and Karen Salvaggio have stepped up to take on new, major roles at Thunder Valley Racing. Laurel is the new Editor-In-Chief and Karen has become the Editor of the Internet publication. They each bring exciting new ideas and boundless energy to our community and I know they'll take us all in surprising new directions.


Laurel and Karen will introduce themselves to those of you who haven't yet met them. You'll be interested, I know, in reading Laurel's new Top Story, 'Training Ground'.


This column, which had been called the 'Editor's Notebook', was my way of rambling about whatever came into my head. We've renamed it, simply, 'Notebook', and you'll find commentary from Laurel, Karen, and others, in addition to whatever I can think of to say.


As always, the long-term success of the community depends on you. Your participation makes us strong.


So, watch this space and join in. Laurel, Karen, and all of us welcome your involvement.

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