Editor-In-Chief Sought

Editor's Notebook, September 2003



T.W. Theodore

Thunder Valley Racing, the premier Internet community of women race car drivers and their fans, is seeking an energetic and committed person to take on a key leadership role. As Editor-In-Chief of the web site, this volunteer will be fully in charge of the direction of the publication and will make a major impact on the vitality of the community.


In other words, it's time for me to step down and let someone else take this Internet publication in what I know will be surprising and exciting new directions.


If this is something you'd consider tackling, please let me know. I want to leave the site in good hands.


manages the site...

On one level, the Editor-In-Chief manages the site. This means keeping the current writers, editors, and technical support volunteers involved, adding new volunteers as necessary, keeping a critical eye on the site to be sure that articles and profiles are being added in a timely manner, solving problems that come up, responding to messages from viewers, etc. The work is interesting and challenging and has kept me fully integrated within the racing community.


visionary leader...

On another level, however, the Editor-In-Chief will become the visionary leader of this important Internet community. Thunder Valley Racing has grown and evolved since it was founded in 1996, just as the Internet has grown and evolved since then. The position of women in racing has also changed greatly and our audience has developed new needs and interests. This change will certainly continue and the Editor-In-Chief will lead the way for Thunder Valley Racing as it grows in relevance and vitality.


It's time for a change. It's time for the Thunder Valley Racing Internet publication to take a quantum leap under a new and energetic leader. That leader could be you. Let's talk.

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