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Editor's Notebook, April 2000



T.W. Theodore

It's been a busy week here at Thunder Valley Racing. We've been coordinating the new Fan Club drivers' information pages, sending the new online shopping cart through scrutineering, and in general running around trying to clean up last minute oil spills and slap duct tape on what we can't fix.


It's all online now (well, if you're reading this at the beginning of April, perhaps not all online yet). I think you'll be pleased with our line-up of drivers in the Fan Club. We've got drivers in a variety of series and running at very different levels of expertise. I know you'll find one or more that you'd like to support financially.


Here's a current list of drivers. We'll be adding more in the next few weeks:

  • Teri MacDonald-Cadieux, running in the ASA AC Delco Series;
  • Cindi Lux, last year's Women's Global GT Series champion (and the current Driver of the Month in Distant Thunder);
  • Amy and Niki Ruman, who campaign SCCA Pro Spec Racers and in the WGGT as well as run their father's Trans-Am team;
  • Divina Galica, a WGGT front runner, Skip Barber instructor, and a driver with an incredible driving history and accomplishments;
  • Terri Hundertmark, a WGGT and Skip Barber driver (take a look at her Race Report in this month's Distant Thunder);
  • Ginni Swanton, a constant in the ever-expanding Star Mazda Series;
  • Jill Peeters, SCCA National GT 1 driver;
  • Kathy Lyle, SCCA National T2 driver;
  • Jennifer Schneidau, SCCA National Formula Vee driver;
  • Karen Kraus, SCCA National Solo II driver; and
  • April Reimer, Late Model stock car short track driver.

You can provide financial support to one (or more) of these drivers by joining the Thunder Valley Fan Club. You'll receive some great benefits of membership and most of your membership fee will be sent directly to the driver you designate to help offset the costs of her racing season.


Don't delay!

If you are reading this, you are interested enough in advancing the career of a woman race car driver to send her $25.00, $50.00, $100.00 or more. Don't delay! Do it now!


Think of all the PBS and National Public Radio pledge drives you've heard and apply all that thinking to the cause of women in racing. (If you're one of our loyal readers in Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, or in some other part of the English-speaking world, think of the most insistent charity television, radio, or telephone marketing campaign you can imagine and apply that to this cause.)


The lines are now open and they are completely secure. We've spared no expense in obtaining the finest security system known to the Internet so your transaction will be completely confidential.


We'll ask a few simple questions and you'll be on your way, strong in the knowledge that you have done your part to foster gender equality in the world's fastest and fastest-growing sport.


Do it now!

Don't delay! Do it now! You can come back and finish this Editor's Notebook column, browse the rest of Distant Thunder, stroll the grounds of Thunder Valley, meet the drivers, and join in the chat sessions and discussion groups. They will all be here for the season.


Some of the women drivers we had hoped to work with this year are not with us because they couldn't put together the basic support they needed to enter a race series. Don't let that happen to the drivers we are now working with!


Support gender equity!

Don't delay! Do it now! Your sponsorship in the amount of $25.00, $50,00, $100.00 or more could make the difference between a new set of brake pads and the uncertainty of going out on the track without the proper equipment for an otherwise competitive woman driver. Winning costs money!


Listen, I'm exhausted from this exhortation. If you've read this far, you certainly are committed enough to the support of women in racing to click on this link and select your favorite driver to sponsor.


Did I mention that you can sponsor a driver in amounts ranging from $25.00, $50.00, to $100.00, or more? Don't delay! Do it now!

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