On Vacation

Editor's Notebook, October 1999



T.W. Theodore

You know how, when you're about to go on vacation, your productivity at work takes a nose-dive? Well, maybe not yours, but mine does. Susan and I are headed to the little fishing village just outside Laguna Seca. We'll be gone the first half of October, out of electronic communication of any kind. It's all I'm thinking about right now.


But, of course, we won't be far away from racing. The American Le Mans Series will head into town while we are there. I'm looking forward to the sound and feel of those great prototype sports cars and the incredible on-track overtaking when you've got three very different classes of race car on the track at the same time.


It will be my first view of the Women's Global GT Series as well. Susan and I will see old friends and, perhaps, make new ones. I'm very curious to see if the racing looks or feels any different when all the drivers are women. Do you think it does?


Laguna Seca could be the second sweetest spot on Earth (after Road America's Thunder Valley, natch'). If Susan and I lived on the West Coast, you might be reading this column in Distant Cork, the newsletter of Corkscrew Racing. (Sorry, my mind is just wandering.)


Anyway, take a look at the articles here in Distant Thunder. Our driver of the month is Amy Ruman. (I wanted to feature her before I saw her again at Laguna Seca, since we had featured her sister, Niki, in the Spring.) Amy's an accomplished driver from a strong racing family.


Lisa Devlin Arken's Racing Diary entry is about her Sears Point weekend. I know you've been following her exploits as she built and now races her DSR in SCCA competition.


In a curious juxtaposition, we've got an article by Terri Hundertmark, road racer, about the thrill of her experience driving Sprint Cars on an oval. And, we've got Terry MacDonald-Cadieux, road racer, telling us about the thrill of her new experience with stock cars on ovals. Is this a trend?


See you in November. Enjoy!

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