You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Editor's Notebook, May 1999



T.W. Theodore

[NOTE: This Editor's Notebook introduced the 'race track' visual format of Thunder Valley Racing.]


It's Spring in Thunder Valley. The overhanging trees are greening nicely. The track is slick and green.


Your online newsletter, Distant Thunder, is stacked neatly near the gravel at Canada Corner and on the corner workers' platform near the Billy Mitchell Bridge.


Take a look. We've put a lot of time into making the newsletter more interesting and accessible. I really like the new graphics and I hope you do as well. We've got the Webgrrls, Tammy Scroggs and Vickie Heywood, to thank for the new look. Thanks, Tammy and Vickie.


Glance to your right, at the Thunder Valley Racing Vision Statement. Everybody has a vision statement now. (I once saw a vision statement on the wall of a dry cleaning shop.) Our Vision is as clear in my mind as anything in the world can be, and we are committed to turning that Vision into a reality that provides great benefits to women race car drivers and their fans.


In the next few weeks, you'll see some other major changes here at Thunder Valley Racing. We'll roll out a Fan Club so that you can sponsor and get to know your favorite woman driver. We'll create a virtual space for women drivers to relax, talk among themselves, and encourage each other to excel in their chosen fields. We'll begin to publish the press releases of our featured drivers so you can follow their careers. Lots of other stuff, too.


So, stick around. You ain't seen nothin' yet!


But, before you browse out of here, I know you'll want to get to know our Driver of the Month. Niki Ruman comes from a racing family and is carrying on the tradition with great enthusiasm and talent. She drives a Spec Racer Ford in national SCCA competition and is a mainstay of the Women's Global GT Series. You'll be seeing more of Niki (along with her sister, Amy) in the next few years as you follow women in racing.


Lisa Devlin Arken has finally gotten her DSR to the track. You'll remember from her previous Racing Diary entries that she has been building the thing from the ground up in her garage for the past year. Ride along with her in this month's Diary entry, "It's Alive!!".


For the drivers among you, Ruth Wolf has crafted another in her well-received Race Tech articles. This month she is talking About Brakes. You'd be surprised how many races are won with a well set up braking system. Ruth can help you make the most of yours.


So, here we are. Another racing season is well under way. You and I are in the thick of it. I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Stop in from time to time. Get to know us and let us get to know you. You'll be glad you did.

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