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Editor's Notebook, December 1998



T.W. Theodore

I opened my copy of On Track this morning and checked the Motorola Cup season standings. Just as I thought, Terry MacDonald-Cadieux was a top five finisher in the Grand Sports class! If you've ever had the pleasure of watching her race, you know that Terry is always challenging her car, the track, and the other drivers.


Hats off...

The SCCA/ASN Canada Motorola Cup is a Canadian-American enduro series that makes great demands on its drivers. The Grand Sports class runs the fastest and most powerful race cars in the series. Hats off to Terry for her aggressive, confident, and technically exquisite race season.


This month in Distant Thunder, we introduce you to Ruth Wolf, artist, auto mechanic, race car driver, and spokesperson for the sport of motor racing. Ruth is our Driver of the Month and has begun a series of articles in Distant Thunder on race car set up and mechanics. She's hoping to hear from you through the Thunder Valley Racing Discussion Group.


If you haven't joined the group yet, take a look. Click Here! (Are you more likely to click if we highlight Discussion Group or tell you directly to Click Here! Click Here! and let me know.


If you think auto racing is all glamour and glory, take a look at Dr. Lisa Devlin Arken's Racing Diary in this month's Distant Thunder. Getting there might be half the fun, but it probably didn't seem like it to Lisa and Ted.


Women's Global GT...

If you've been thinking about the Women's Global GT Championship that Lyn St. James, Don Panoz and the folks at the American LeMans Series are putting together, we'd love to talk with you about it. You can share your thoughts with the Discussion Group or you can contact me directly.


give us a hand

We're taking a hard look at the Thunder Valley Racing web site. We're striving to build interest in women in racing. We're working to provide an online community for women race car drivers and their fans. We're trying to serve the interests of women race car drivers. We're hoping to help develop the next generation of women drivers. The ultimate goal, of course, is to help women race car drivers find the funding and other support they need to be successful at the highest levels of the sport.


If you'd like to help, we'd love to have you join us. We're always looking for writers, graphic artists, people with ideas and talent to share. I hope to hear from you. Click Here!

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