A Few Reminders

Editor's Notebook, Sepember 1998



T.W. Theodore

Just a few reminders this month.


The Wednesday evening chat hosts are lined up for September and October. We've been able to entice some very interesting Thunder Valley featured drivers to host the chats and we're trying a new concept, two drivers as co-hosts each week. Join us each Wednesday evening, 9:00pm E.T. (US) for conversation about racing from a woman's point of view.


The discussion group is growing in size, but still has not jelled as an ongoing conversation among folks interested in racing. We'd like you to add your voice to the mix, especially if you've got racing issues, interests, or concerns you'd like to explore with like-minded people.


Also, sign up (separately from the discussion group) for the Distant Thunder e-mail list. We'll notify you each month of our featured drivers and other interesting goings on at Thunder Valley. Its all free and easy and, if you've read this far, you'd be interested.


We're planning new features and series in the next few months, mostly to keep us thinking about racing during what we in the North call the off-season. (We'll be hearing from you lucky folks who can race year 'round.)


Finally, the concept of a race series that showcases women drivers is picking up momentum. Don Panoz and Lyn St. James are working on such a series and we're looking at it as well as at some other options. It looks as if it is going to happen!


So, let's keep talking, scheming, hoping, and, most important of all, racing!

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