Drafting Women

Editor's Notebook, April 1997


A truly wonderful thing is happening. Over the past few months, I’ve received letters, e-mail, faxes, and telephone calls from women drivers who are making connections with one another through and because of Thunder Valley Racing.


Amateur drivers are linking up at race weekends. Drivers just starting out are seeking advice from seasoned professionals. Opportunities are being passed around from one driver to another. And, most important, women drivers from around the world are supporting one another, giving encouragement, telling their stories, sharing their aspirations.


Racing is a fiercely competitive sport. It is at its best when that competition is confined to the race track. There are great stories of teams lending desperately needed parts, help, and even expertise to their competitors, helping them get into the race. Women drivers are doing that for one another: helping each other get into the race.


In some forms of the sport, drafting is an important technique. Two cars (or three or more) link up and, together, chase down the race leaders. They can go faster together than they could separately. Its only when they catch the front of the pack that they begin to race one another.


For women in racing, drafting is an important technique. Telling their stories, sharing their expertise, experience, and even sponsorship leads, supporting each other in their attempt to chase down the elusive racing opportunities, all will foster an atmosphere in which a woman driver is no longer an anomaly.


I'm pleased that Thunder Valley is becoming a place where women drivers can draft with each other.

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Finally, the IRL race at Phoenix has confirmed in my mind that, unfortunately, it is my father's Oldsmobile.


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