The New Racing Year

Editor's Notebook, January 1997

As the new year begins, a race fan's thoughts turn to Daytona. The year kicks off in February with a wonderful array of racing that sets the tone for the year.


Here at Thunder Valley, the new year will kick off in February as well. You've found us at our new Thunder Valley internet domain address this month. (Don't forget to reset your bookmarks and favorites places and to fix any links you've made to this site from your own.) If you visited us in December, though, you'll see that the content of the site hasn't changed very much this month.


In February, our race year kicks off with a new and exciting graphic look, with new content and a new web site organization that will highlight the accomplishments of each woman driver that Thunder Valley features. We know you'll want to visit often.


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It's been a great 1996! It'll be an even greater 1997!


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