New Friends

Editor's Notebook, November 1996


This past month has been gratifying for us at Thunder Valley Racing. We've met so many more people on the web. The response to last month's Distant Thunder was by far the greatest we've ever had.


We've also made contact with even more women race car drivers, some of whom you'll meet in the following months. I'm especially pleased that some of the drivers are working the long-block stock car and sprint car local dirt track circuits (where they separate the men from the boys). These forms of racing are down and dirty and require great courage as well as great skill.


This month, however, we feature as our Driver of the Month our first up-and-coming formula racer from outside North America. Sarah Kavanagh is moving up in the rarefied air of European open-wheel racing. Technical skill, precision, knowledge, and the ability to communicate effectively are the keys to success here. Wish her good fortune.


We've also made progress in our search for sponsorship. We've been able to articulate the marketing and merchandising advantages of working with a woman race car driver in more effective ways. Ad agencies and potential sponsoring companies are taking a good look and avenues, formerly closed, are beginning to open. Wish us and the drivers we support good fortune.


We've also made some friends among women graphic artists. It is my hope that, soon, you will see a Thunder Valley Racing and Distant Thunder web site that is not only chock full of interesting information, but also is much more graphically interesting. This enterprise, like all we are doing, relies on the energy, talents, enthusiasm, good offices, and hard work of men and (mostly) women who share our vision. We thank you all.

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